Facilitating Access to Health Care for All

Why I am a Champion for this Cause

As an attorney who regularly advises employers on the design and administration of their health plans and health benefits, I see up close the challenges that large and small businesses and their employees face in, respectively delivering, accessing, and paying for health care.  As the cost of medical services and supplies and the legal and other complexities of sponsoring health benefits increase over time, free and low-cost medical services provided by organizations such as the Ithaca Health Alliance and the Ithaca Free Clinic become ever more critical to individuals who lose or are never afforded health coverage or other health benefits maintaining meaningful access to quality care.

The Ithaca Health Alliance, through its passionate and dedicated staff and volunteers, serves an important role in our community by operating the Ithaca Free Clinic, where anyone can receive medical attention at no cost, by sponsoring educational workshops and programs and publishing materials designed to educate the public about important health issues, and by providing financial assistance to individuals who require medical or dental care that the Ithaca Free Clinic cannot itself provide.

The Ithaca Health Alliance can continue to serve the public in all of these important ways only through the financial support of its community.  Moreover, such financial support is key to enabling the Ithaca Health Alliance to continue to expand the nature and scope of the services it provides to reach more persons in need of health education, health care, or other similar assistance.

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